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Brooklyn Perks Savings Card

Proudly accepted at participating establishments Brooklyn-wide!

Brooklyn: we have the Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and now we have the Brooklyn Perks Savings Card!

The Brooklyn Perks Savings Card is a discount card allowing you – the Cardholder – to receive exclusive discounts and valuable savings at your favorite shopping and dining venues Brooklyn-wide!  Present your Card at: restaurants, clothing boutiques, eye ware shops, home decor stores, bakeries, wine shops, children stores, B&B’s, hair salons, gourmet food stores, spas and more!

Download List of Particpants

Purchase your Card for a one-time only $19.95 and present it at your favorite participating establishments to begin saving today!  That’s right – you pay $19.95 once and your Card is good for life!

Learn more, or purchase it now for $19.95 if you’re ready to start saving!